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Holaluz, a company to change the world for the better

Decarbonizing the economy (our world)

Leveraging solar power to reduce the carbon footprint of energy consumption contributing to a low-carbon economy.

Decarbonizing our own operations

Demonstrating climate leadership through ambitious carbon reduction targets implementing sustainable practices.

Environmental protection

Proactively minimizing our environmental impact across the entire value chain and advocating for broader environmental protection and regeneration.

Culture and values

Creating a collaborative work environment compromised on shared values

DEI (diversity, equality and inclusion)

Actively promoting equality, diversity and inclusion at all organizational levels within the organization.

Team well-being and development

Prioritizing team well-being, offering professional growth opportunities and creating a nurturing work environment.

Customer obsession

Maximizing customer satisfaction by exceeding expectations, delivering high-quality products/services and providing exceptional customer experience.

Promotion and respect for human rights

Ensuring human rights respect and promotion throughout the value chain, actively addressing potential impacts associated with our activity.

Community development

Contributing to local economic and social development, supporting community initiatives and collaborating with local stakeholders.

Responsible leadership

Upholding highest ethical business practices, ensuring compliance and promoting a corporate culture that values integrity and responsibility.

Responsible supply chain

Ensuring a responsible supply chain by actively collaborating with suppliers to implement leading sustainability practices and collectively address global challenges.

Transparency and accountability

Maintaining transparency through open communication about initiatives, progress and challenges, fostering trust and accountability.

Our recognitions

Our leadership in the field of sustainability has been recognized by different reference entities:

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Holaluz at a glance

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Why invest?

Our impact business model responds to the global challenges of the energy transition and climate change. We're born ESG.

Holaluz leads the energy transition with a vision to create the most impactful green energy community in Europe.

Unmatched and unique strategy of two businesses: connecting people to green energy and transforming every m2 of rooftop into a green energy affordable for everyone.

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